Best Liquid Drain Cleaner 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Liquid Drain Cleaner Reviews

Clogged drains and toilets are one of the major problems that most households face. It is always a constant problem especially if you have a big family as well as many drainage systems to take care of.

And the more it clogs the harder it becomes to use and maintain. That is why you need a quick detox solution to always get rid of all the blocks every now and then. Plumbers can be a bit pricey.

It often comes as no surprise when most of us spend a lot of money and time hiring plumbers every now and then for issues that can be easily solved with any recommendable and affordable drain cleaner.

Best Drain Cleaner 2020

The best recommendable option apart from a plumber is a DIY drain cleaner. They often come at affordable rates and can work wonders to your drain in just a few seconds of use. The only problem is that there are countless of them out there. So, it becomes hard to know which one is useful and which one is a waste.

It can be stressful choosing the best drain cleaner for your household. So, we have compiled a list of 10 best drain cleaner. You can always rely on one of these to unclog your drain.

1. Pure Lye Drain Opener – Best Liquid Drain Cleaner
Pure Lye Drain Opener

Pure Lye Drain Opener is a biodegradable white powder that can quickly unclog any drain, grease traps, cesspools as well as septic systems. It is non-acidic and has no dyes, fillers or water and easily dilutes with water.

You just pour it down the drain and run hot water. It can be used on fine fixtures, plastic pipes, chrome trim, and metal.

Use it with hot water on the drains and rinse it with cold or even hot water. As for toilets, never use it with hot water as it can melt the wax ring and cause leakage.

However, it produces a strong reaction when you first pure it down the drain. So, you will need some gloves and protective eye-wear, as it can seriously burn your skin and blind your vision.

This Pure Lye drainage cleaner works in a matter of seconds and is ideal for public and private use. It is highly recommended for homes, hospitals, schools and other public institutions as it is odorless and produces no fumes when it reacts with the hot water.

You should not mix it with aluminum. Always remove the shower drain cover as well as the sink stopper before using it.

What We Liked About This Drain Cleaner

  • It is affordable
  • It can clear up to 2 drains
  • 100% Lye and easy to dissolve

What Customers Who Purchased This Drain Cleaner Said

  • It clears drains instantly, up to 2 minutes
  • It is 100% pure Lye and can be used to make Lye soap
  • It is one of the cheapest and best drain cleaners with easy to follow instructions and safety precautions
  • You can use it to restore cast iron skillets and dutch ovens in just a couple of days of a Lye bath


2. Drano Max Gel Commercial Line Clog Remover – The Best Drain Cleaner for Kitchen Sink

Drano Max Gel Commercial Line Clog Remover

This is one of the best drain openers, easy to use and works wonders within half an hour. It is in liquid form and is often poured over running water.

It unclogs slow-running drains restoring it to a free-running system. It also removes hair in the drains, soap scum as well as other drain clogs that can render your drainage system incapacitated.

You can use half of it for any slow-moving drains. Give it 15 minutes for proper drain clearance and run hot water all over it. But if the clog is too much, use all of it and leave it to work for 30 minutes before running hot water all over it.

It has a push down childproof cap that is easy to open and close. Do not squeeze it and avoid any spills. It can be harmful if it comes in contact with your skin or face, so always wear gloves. Keep it away from kids too.

Do not use it in toilets.

Moreover, it has ingredients that protect any kind of pipes from corrosion. Therefore, it won’t harm any of it.

To ensure no future clogs, follow it up with Drano Max Build-up Remover after a month.

What We Liked About This Drain Cleaner

  • It is affordable and easy to use
  • Clear instructions on use and maintenance as well as disposal procedure
  • It does not affect the pipes be it PVC, plastic or metal

What Customers Who Purchased This Drain Cleaner Said

  • It dissolves even the toughest clogs and removes chunks of hair
  • It works as advertised, from quality to performance time
  • No bad performance on drains after use
  • It works only by pouring, no extra workload or pumping


3. Thrift Marketing Gidds-TY-0400879 Drain Cleaner – Best Drain Cleaner for Septic Systems

Thrift Marketing Gidds-TY-0400879 Drain Cleaner

Thrift remains one of the best drain cleaner, affordable and very reactive in a matter of seconds. It is in solid crystals that are easy to dilute with hot water.

This drainage cleaner is best suited for drains, sewer lines, septic systems as well as grease traps. It is also recommended for use in most lavatory and kitchens.

You just pour some of it in the drain and pour a bit of hot water so as to reactivate it. After which you can keep on pouring hot water until it stops to react.

The reaction is always very violent and often spills all over the place. So, always wear gloves and protective eyewear as any spills can harm your face and body skin.

However, if it gets to your skin, pour some vinegar on it to neutralize the effect of Sodium Hydroxide found in the Thrift drainage cleaner.

It clears any form of clogs is a matter of seconds.

Remember to use it in a well-vented area as fumes will be produced when it reacts with hot water to clear the clogs. And keep your head turned away from the clogged area. The hotter the water the better the results.

What We Liked About This Drain Cleaner

  • It works within seconds of reactivation
  • It does not react with pipes
  • It is highly durable

What Customers Who Purchased This Drain Cleaner Said

  • It clears any form of clogs in a matter of seconds with no future problems after use
  • It is much cheaper than other common drainage cleaners and one bottle can be used several times
  • It has easy to follow instructions and precautions making it easy to use and store


4. Whink Hair Clog Blaster – Best Drain Cleaner for Hair Clogs

Whink Hair Clog Blaster

If you are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to selecting the best bathroom drain cleaner. Then you can easily pick this Whink hair clog blaster. It works instantly and is guaranteed to solve any hair and soap clog.

It is one of the best drain cleaners that can work on bathrooms with drain issues. It is in liquid form and is safe to use on septic tanks as well as any kind of pipe, metal, PVC or plastic.

It is recommended for home and office use and is very easy to use. You just pour it over running water and wait for it to work its magic before running hot water all over the drain.

Its professional formula always works wonders and attacks soap scum as well as hair clogs. It does not even cause problems to your drainage system after use. It produces no fumes or violent reactions that can be harmful to your body skin face or eyes.

Moreover, you do not even have to use the whole bottle, it all depends on how clogged up your bathroom drain is. It is very valuable and comes at an affordable rate for everyone.

What We Liked About This Drain Cleaner

  • It is affordable and clears clogs from soap scum and hair
  • It is durable and easy to use
  • It has high value

What Customers Who Purchased This Drain Cleaner Said

  • It clears the bathroom drain off all hair clogs and removes any soap scum for easy drainage
  • It is easy to use and works wonders on old houses and pipes without causing any problems to the pipes
  • You can pour it down the drain and never worry about any violent reactions as well as bad fumes coming out of the drain.


5. Green Gobbler Dissolve Liquid Drain Opener – Best Drain Cleaner for Toilet

DISSOLVE Liquid Hair & Grease Clog Remover

If you are looking for an all-around drain opener  for your drainage system, then try this liquid drainage cleaner. It is highly recommended for use in sinks, tubs, toilets and showers.

It is biodegradable and does not cause any irritations to the skin when in use. It is also odorless and non-flammable and safe to use. You can even leave it overnight without worries of smelly fumes or violent reactions in your drain. After which you can run hot water all over the drain to clear the system of any waste.

It is very easy to use and comes with very straightforward instructions and precautions.

Its ultra-thick formula is heavier than water, so it sinks and clings to the blockage and pipe walls as it works on the drain quickly until the whole system is cleared.

Moreover, it is very effective against hair and soap scum and quickly dissolves every bit of it. It also works wonders with any fats or grease that can be found in a kitchen sink. It is also good with toilet clogs.

Although it has high PH, it is non-corrosive to the skin and does not affect any kind of pipe, PVC, metal or plastic.

What We Liked About This Drain Cleaner

  • It is biodegradable as well as non-flammable and odorless
  • It offer a superior performance when compared to traditional drain openers
  • It is affordable and you do not have to use the whole bottle once

What Customers Who Purchased This Drain Cleaner Said

  • It drains bathrooms and sinks in a matter of seconds and you do not have to put up with smelly fumes and violent reactions. It just works itself slowly through the clog
  • It is better and cheaper than box store drainage cleaners and does not erode pipes or cause leaks
  • It is good for septic tanks and does not require the constant use of snake which can be tiring and annoying
  • It works as it was advertised


6. Safe Drain Opener By Xion Lab – Best Drain Cleaner for Bathtub

XIONLAB Safer Drain Clog Remover

This drainage cleaner is ideal for sinks and bathroom drain that often clogs as a result of soap scum, hair, grease, and fat.

It does not matter how clogged up your drain is, there is nothing this safe drain opener can’t do.

You just pour it in the drain over running water and rinse it with hot water. After a few minutes, everything will start to dissolve and your drainage system will start flowing smoothly.

It cutting-edge formula is great for use in any pipes as well as septic systems. Its thick and heavy liquid gel sinks and clings at the bottom of the blockage as well as the pipe walls before starting to work its way until the whole blockage is cleared.

It is biodegradable and non-irritating to the skin. It does not even react violently when clearing the clogs. Moreover, it is odorless and non-flammable. You do not have to worry about smelly fumes and burning liquids.

It has a high pH of 13, that makes it outperform most traditional industrial strength caustic drainage cleaners. You just have to follow the instructions and precautions and it will work as per the advert.

It comes at an affordable rate.

What We Liked About This Drain Cleaner

  • It is odorless and non-flammable
  • It is also biodegradable
  • It is affordable

What Customers Who Purchased This Drain Cleaner Said

  • It clears all clogs in a matter of minutes and works as advertised
  • It does not react violently with pipes or spill outside. It is very harmless to the skin and eyes
  • It is non-toxic to the drains and takes longer before you can unclog again
  • It works as per the advert


7. Professor Amos Super Fast Drain Cleaner

Professor Amos Super Fast Drain Cleaner

This is a multi-purpose drain cleaner that can be used in bathrooms drains, kitchen sink, powder room, laundry tub as well as floor drainage systems. It is safe for PVC pipes as well as copper.

It drains all sorts of clogs from soap scum, hair, grease as well as fat. Moreover, it provides a very good service to cesspools, septic tanks as well as sewage systems.

You just pour it down the drain and wait for a minute before flushing hot water all over it. Your drainage system will clear immediately. No need for plunging, snakes or plumbers as it clears even the toughest of clogs.

It is safe for use and does not react violently as it clears the drainage system. It does not even burn the skin and eyes in case of spills. Moreover, it does not emit any fumes or bad odor.

Its performance is superior compared to other store drain openers. It will not even affect the pipes after use and can make your drainage run smoothly for about a years without any problems.

However, it is not ideal for toilets and definitely not formulated for garbage disposals. Just follow the instructions and it will work.

What We Liked About This Drain Cleaner

  • It has good service and works as stated
  • It is affordable given its quality performance

What Customers Who Purchased This Drain Cleaner Said

  • It is very useful for different kinds of clogs
  • It works as advertised and clears even drain flies
  • It works even for old building with old pipes and systems


8. RID-X Septic Tank System Treatment

RID-X Septic Tank System Treatment

Maintain your septic tank with this drain cleaner, meant to clear all clog in a septic system.

It will save you loads of cost spent and used on installing and maintaining expensive septic systems backup. It will prolong the system performance of your septic tank and keep the pipes cleared and free-flowing.

It is made from special bacteria and enzymes that digest any kind of household waste and ensures your system is up to the standard performance. It also helps prevent any build-up in your septic system as it maintains a healthy bacteria level for functionality throughout the year.

You simply pour 8oz of it down the toilet and flush. The enzymes and bacteria will start working immediately, breaking every clog one by one. After which you can flush again to ensure proper clearance.

It is perfectly safe for use in any kind of pipes as well as septic tanks. You can use it in tanks up to 1500 gallons.

It is not harmful to the skin and does not emit and fumes nor does it react violently when clearing the clogs. It comes at an affordable rate and can be used up to 3 times on a monthly basis.

What We Liked About This Drain Cleaner

  • It is quality and can be used up to 3 months
  • It saves cost that would have been used in installing a septic systems backup

What Customers Who Purchased This Drain Cleaner Said

  • It clears system fast and does not require any heavy lifting work, just little pumps now and then
  • You just need 8oz of it for a one-time clearance, hence you can use the 24oz bottle up to three times
  • It is cheaper compared to other alternatives of maintaining a septic tank


9. GreenPig Solutions 52 Concentrated Formula Live Septic Tank Treatment

GreenPig Solutions 52 Concentrated Formula Live Septic Tank Treatment

This septic drainer comes in different small soluble packets that can quickly clear sludge up to 1500 gallons of tank.

It is made from bacteria that quickly multiplies when in use. It breaks all sort of waste from sludge, grease, paper and solid waste. The bacteria quickly absorbs any undigested raw sewage and grime that has accumulated through time in the septic tank as well as the lines, leach field, cesspit, sand mound and drain field.

Even though your septic tank has bacteria this drainage cleaner adds more of it to clean up the system and avoid clogged leach fields, pooling of water in the yard as well as irritating odors.

It comes with four soluble packets of bacteria in one package and has no fillers. It is 100% quality product.

Just one soluble packet down the toilet is enough to clear any undigested waste products. The solupak will dissolve within a minute in the toilet.

For proper maintenance, flush one soluble packet every 3 months in a year to keep your septic tank in order for a few years. It is affordable and easy to use. Just follow the instructions and everything else will work out on its own.

What We Liked About This Drain Cleaner

  • One package with four solupaks can be used up to a year
  • It comes in pre-measured packets for easier solution and use

What Customers Who Purchased This Drain Cleaner Said

  • The soluble packet dissolves once you flush it and does not give any problems later on
  • It clears up sludges quickly leaving it odor-free
  • It is cost-effective when compared to other septic drainers in the store


10. Zep Drain Care

Zep Drain Care

Clear your drains with this easy to use drain cleaner. It is ideal for bathroom drains, sinks, as well as toilets. Ideally, it is safe for all plumbing issues.

It can remove up to years of build-up clogs as well as slow-running drains without harming any of the pipes as well as the drainage system. It can work on PVC, metal or plastic pipes.  It is also safe for septic systems.

It does not spill or react violently as it unclogs the drains. It is safe on body skin, face and eyes.

It is made from the enzymatic drain cleaner that ensures all waste is taken care of instantly.

When it comes to toilet use, scoop a bit of it and mix it with warm water and stir before pouring it into the toilet. You can then flush it for proper drainage.

As for other plumbing issues around the house just dump a chunk of it and let it work on its own before pouring some water in it for clearance. You will likely hear a gurgle as a sign that it is definitely working.

It is very affordable and does not produce any bad odors when unclogging the drain.

What We Liked About This Drain Cleaner

  • It does not harm the pipes or septic system
  • It is affordable
  • Works on all plumbing issues

Customers Who Purchased This Drain Cleaner Said

  • It unclogs even the toughest of waste sludges
  • It works wonders with a few scoops
  • You can use it several times depending on the level of blockage

Buyer’s Guide: What Makes The Best Drain Cleaner?

When it comes to buying a drain cleaner, it is important to note a few important factors that will help you choose the best drain cleaner for your needs.

It is hard enough picking a brand but picking a wrong item for your drain is worse and running up and down the store is tiresome.

So, here are few tips on how to go about choosing the best drain opener in the store before purchase.

  • The Type of Blockage-This often determines the type of drain cleaner to buy. If the block is too much, then you will likely need a stronger liquid drain opener and vice versa. You can test this by pouring hot water down the drain. If it does not move then the issue can be a bit serious.
  • Drainage Maintenance-The level and manner in which you maintain your drainage system also determines the level of blockage and therefore the type of drainage cleaner to be used. If you do maintenance on a monthly basis then you might not be in big trouble. But if you have not been caring for your drainage system then you might consider buying very expensive and powerful drain cleaners. Some clogs just don’t go away easily with any drain opener.
  • Type of Drain Cleaners-You should also consider the type of drain openers available and how it is used. Some require thorough mixing while others require proper measurements. Since it is a DIY thing, always read the instructions and precautions before purchasing. Take what you can handle.
  • Pipes and Septic Tank-You should also consider the kind of pipes as well as septic tanks in question before buying any of the liquid drain openers. Some might prove to be corrosive and dangerous to the drainage system. So choose wisely.
  • Quality and Price– Always consider quality over price when it comes to choosing the best drain cleaner for your system. Although most of them are affordable, always go for quality first.
  • Household or Institution to be used-You should also consider how big your home or institution is before purchasing any kind of drain opener. The bigger it is the and the more people it caters for the more it will be clogged up and probably need a powerful superior quality drain cleaner.

So, put all these factors before settling for any drain opener.

Moreover, you can always ask around from family and friends and even plumbers on the best drain opener to use, depending on your problem. A highly recommended drain opener can never fail you no matter what.

Sometimes adverts can also exaggerate the power of a brand but if it works as said, do not shy away from it no matter the price.

Drain Cleaner FAQs

Q1. Can I use Lye drain opener to process soaps?

Answer. Yes, it is 100% lye and has no filler or dyes in it. It easily dissolves and makes very beautiful, lasting soaps.

Q2. What works best for clogged toilets?

Answer. You can use a plunger or snake pipe.

Q3. Does Drano work for toilets?

Answer. No, but it works on bathroom drains easily by just pouring. It is best in dissolving hair clogs.

Q4. Is Thrift drain cleaner safe for pipes?

Answer. Of course, it is. It is made for pipes and works best for them. Moreover, it removes hair clogs instantly, with no future problems.

Q5. How well does Green Gobbler dissolve grease?

Answer. It is the best product for bathroom and kitchen drains. It works instantly with no future problems.

Q6. Can Safer Drain Opener by Xion Lab be used in toilets

Answer. No, this is because toilet clogs are often as a result of paper blocks and it cannot dissolve paper. It is great with grease and hair clogs. Therefore, ideal for bathroom drains and kitchen sinks.

Q7.  Can Professor Amos drain opener clear bad odor and get rid of drain flies?

Answer. Yes it can.

Q8. How can you measure up treatment of a liquid drain cleaner

Answer. You can use an old plastic measuring cup. Remember to always shake the solution well before pouring the recommended dose.

Q9. How long does GreenPig solupak take to dissolve after it has been dropped in the toilet?

Answer. It often dissolves quickly, about a minute.

Q10. What is shelf-life when it comes to buying drain cleaners?

Answer. It often means the lifetime a product can be used after purchase. It can be a year or even five years depending on the product.

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