How to Unclog A Toilet When A Plunger Doesn’t Work?

How to Unclog A Toilet When A Plunger Doesn’t Work?

You are faced with one of the worst situations in life and are oscillating between the need to jump off the balcony and/or the need to empty your guts. Your toilet is clogged. You tried repeated flushing of the toilet. But the debris in the toilet bowl doesn’t show signs of being removed. You remember that you had a plunger somewhere in the house, but can’t find it for reasons unknown as it always happens with the things that you urgently need. What do you do with the mess? Wish you had a toilet unclogger liquid that could do the magic? Let’s see the choices we have.

Try this Trusted Method to Remove the Clog

You don’t have to get tensed about the clogged toilet. You can remove the clog with a half cup of soap you use to wash dishes. Pour the whole half cup in the toilet. The purpose of adding the dish soap is that it will act as a lubricant to push down the debris that is stuck. You can wait for a few minutes for the soap to lubricate and clear the clog. This is the most tried and trusted method for clearing the clogged toilet. You must not flush now because if the clog is not going, you could find your toilet floor messy soon.

Give the Debris Some Additional Help to Move Down

Usually, the dish soap should do the trick. But sometimes the debris is stuck too tight. In such cases, you may have to give it some help to go down. While you are waiting for the soap to do the job you can turn your hot water and fill a bucket with it. This is another way to unclog until you get hold of the ideal toilet unclogger liquid. You must pour the hot water into the closet from the level of your waist. The pressure must be enough to push the debris down. Boiling water can crack the bowl.

Use Physical Force to Push Down the Debris

If both the dish soap and hot water don’t do the trick then you must physically remove the debris. A toilet snake is something that helps you do. It consists of a metal wire with a corkscrew at the end to push the debris down. You probably don’t have one at your home. You can use one of your wire hangers for this purpose. You open the wire hanger to form a temporary toilet snake and push at the debris. The sharp edge is likely to break the hardened debris. The small pieces of debris will then be flushed down.


A clogged toilet is a problem that could strike you any time. If you could get a plunger or a toilet snake the job will be easy. Apart from the other methods, you can try mixing baking soda with vinegar. Pouring this mixture into the toilet bowl could cause quite a lot of fizz. It should be enough to push the debris down. The idea is to lubricate the debris enough to push it down. All these could be avoided if you the toilet unclogger liquid that would work the magic for you.

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