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How To Unclog A Drain Using Wet Vacuum? | UnclogADrain.com
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How To Unclog A Drain Using Wet Vacuum?

How To Unclog A Drain Using Wet Vacuum

It is fairly easy to use a wet vacuum machine if you had used the dry vacuum for cleaning your house. It works in the same mechanism of a plunger but with high power and suction. This article will talk in detail about using a vacuum based machine to unclog your drain.

You need not own one to use it. There are a lot of rental hardware stores where you can find one. Once you have got the machine in the room, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Steps To Unclog a Drain Using Wet Vacuum:

  1. wet vacuum drain cleanerConnect the vacuum in the room to a power supply. Cover the area around the drain with rugs and have a bucket with a lot of cleaning cloth. The clog with water inside the drain will get splashed out while vacuuming. This is the reason why you need to avoid this immediately after using a chemical drain cleaner.
  2. Insert the hose of the vacuum into the hole and try pulling it in and out of the hole, without switching on the machine. Learn where to stand and how to hold with these trail runs.
  3. Connect the hose to the exhaust hole in the machine and feed the other end into the pipe. Remove all loose accessories and small items around you. While you are removing the hose, you may accidentally suck up something expensive.
  4. Keep a person standing near the main switch. When things go out of your control, he has to disconnect the power supply to the machine.
  5. Before inserting the hose into the drain, switch on the machine. You would hear a high pitch sound. This is the sound of the motor when there is absolutely nothing for it to suck.
  6. Now, insert the hose into the drain hole and switch on the machine. When the sound of the motor changes distinctively, it indicates that the hose is now sucking the clog out. Wait for the sound to get back to the original hollow high pitch sound. This will indicate that the clog is removed.
  7. If the water splashes out due to air pressure, clean it up with the rugs. It is very common during this method.
  8. If it takes very long for the sound to get back to the original high pitch sound, switch off the machine for a few minutes and then continue. Sucking at high speed for a long time can cause damage to your pipelines and also to the machine.
  9. If still there is no change in the sound, try to imitate the movement of a plunger with the hose. Moving the hose up and down while the machine is on will help to insert greater pressure and suck in the clog.
  10. Once the clog is removed, remove the hose slowly. Fast movement would damage the pipes and crack it. Cracked pipeline will not be able to drain water even when there is no clog in it.
  11. All the clog and most of the dirty water will be collected inside the canister in the machine. Now, remove the canister slowly and dispose it off. Do not flush it back into the drain again.
  12. Now, pour a liter or two of boiling water to clear out any gunk that missed the hose of the machine.

Simple Things to Know Before Using the Wet Vacuum Machine to Unclog A Drain

  1. Wet vacuum machine is not a simple one so, do not give it as a chore to your child.
  2. It is not a maintenance method and should not be used very frequently. You would end up spoiling the pipelines. Use it as the last resort for cleaning the pipe.
  3. Do not use it within eight hours from using a chemical drain cleaner.
  4. If you had removed the clean out plug in the floor, replace it without fail. Alternatively, the gas from the sewer will enter the pipeline and damage it causing far extensive repair process. If it is a cork styled plug, you can find a plastic replacement from any hardware store.

If you are not sure about using the wet vacuum machine, it is always better to hire a professional. In fact, not only this, you should consider hiring professionals other cleaning tasks as well, such as carpet cleaning. We recommend NoStains, a professional Carpet cleaning Enfield London. Thus, you would save damaging your pipes due to manual error. You can also use a dry vacuum for the same but, remember to remove the standing water before you do so.

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