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How To Unclog A Drain Using Liquid Dish Detergent?

How To Unclog A Drain Using Liquid Dish Detergent?

Before you switch to any complicated machines, you should know that most of the household solutions can be used for unclogging the drain.

One such element is your liquid dish-washing solution. We will see in detail about how to use liquid dish detergent to unclog your drain.

When to Use Liquid Dish Detergent to Unclog a Drain?

Unclog A Drain With Liquid Dish DetergentLiquid dish-washing liquid is not always a good drain cleaning solution. This is an apt way only when the clog is mostly made of grease.

Liquid dish-washing solution has power to dissolve grease and fat. When a clog is entirely made of grease, this detergent would dissolve the grease.

The other clog elements would be held together by the grease and when it is dissolved, the other elements flows down the drain along with the flowing water. Thereby, the clog is removed instantly.

This method is most commonly used in kitchen sink clog removal process.

Things to Know Before Using Liquid Dish Detergent to Unclog a Drain

It is true that it is not a very harmful solution. You can use it without being cautious but, there are a few things that you need to know before using this method.

  1. If there is a complete stagnation of water, the liquid dish detergent cannot reach the clog and thereby, there will be no effect. The standing water should be removed and using any mechanical method, the clog should be removed lightly. Best methods include snake, plunger or others.
  2. You can use it along with any mechanical method or with baking soda and vinegar too.
  3. Since it does not cause any corrosive effect on the pipelines, this method can be used as many times as needed. It is also a good preventive measure.
  4. This method should not be used immediately after using chemical drain cleaners. This should not be mixed with any store-bought chemical drain opening solution.
  5. Mixing two types of dish-washing liquid would do no harm.
  6. It is better to use hot or boiling water to flush the drain while using this method than cold water. Hot water has better clog removal ability than water at room temperature.

Unclogging a Drain With Liquid Dish Detergent

There are two ways of using this detergent for removing clog. For both the methods, the ingredients needed are

  1. Liquid dish-washing detergent
  2. Hot water

We have also review the best drain cleaners in the market in case you would like to check it out.

First method:

  1. Boil a liter of water and pour it into the drain. This will remove clog to some extent.
  2. Remove all standing water with the help of a mug.
  3. Use any method to remove a little clog so that there is a little water drainage.
  4. Pour a cup of liquid detergent into the drain and wait for a few minutes.
  5. During the waiting time, boil a liter of water again.
  6. Once the water starts boiling, pour it directly over the drain.
  7. The water would be moving down faster than before showing that the clog is removed.
  8. If not, repeat it again as many times as needed.

Second method:

This method is almost similar to the first one. You would be requiring the same ingredients.

  1. Removing standing water and use any method to avoid stagnation of water as mentioned in the previous method.
  2. Boil a liter of water mixed with dish-washing liquid. The brand and type of liquid has no difference in this method. You are free to choose any brand that you feel reliable.
  3. Once the water starts boiling and there is no lump of detergent stagnated anywhere in the vessel.
  4. Remove the boiling water from the hot plate and pour it down the drain as fast as possible. Make sure not the splash the liquid, all over the sink.
  5. Again boil another liter of water and wait for the solution to do its work.
  6. Flush the drain with a lot of hot water.
  7. Repeat it as many times as needed.

Alternative method:

You can lather up the detergent in a small amount of lukewarm water and pour it down the drain, so that the detergent reaches the clog area easily.

Use can use any method or even combine both and try is as many times as needed. This method is simple, cost effective and also has less effect on the environment and your skin.

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