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How to Use a Drain Auger to Unclog a Drain?

How to Unclog a Drain Using Drain Auger

When a drain is clogged, there are several problems which arise due to it. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to unclog a drain and one such method is using power auger. The electric auger is also called as an electric rooter. It is an upgraded version of plumber’s snake. This article will talk about using an electric auger to unclog a drain.

When to Use a Drain Auger to Unclog a Drain?

unclog drain power augerThe electric auger is usually used in two conditions. If the location of the clog is too far away from the opening of the drain, normal snake would not reach it. In such cases, electric auger is a good solution. Grease, hair and fat are not the only things which can clog a drain. Starting from plant roots to other hard materials can also block the path of the drain. This usually happens in the floor drain. In such cases, electric auger is a wonderful option.

Step-by-step Guide to Unclog a Drain Using Drain Auger

Using an electric auger is a seven step process. Below is a simple guide for learning to use drain auger in your house.

Step two: find a drain auger

It is very uncommon to own an electric auger. They are comparatively costly and it is better to rent than own. You can find many hardware rental stores where you can find an electric auger. Make sure to rent along with the extension cord.

Step one: turn off supply

Do not allow more water to flow through the drain. Switch off the main supply of water. Even if the drain is far away from your washing machine, switch it off. Adding more water into the drain would cause bigger problems. If you are unclogging your kitchen sink or bathroom sink, remove standing water completely.

Step three: inserting the drain auger

If it is a floor drain or toilet sink, open the drain strainer to find the clean out plug. Remove the cork or opener and insert the auger into it. In case of a cork styled plug, you need to break it to open the drain. You can find replacement threaded plugs in any hardware store. In case of a sink, you need to remove the pipes below the sink and insert the auger into the hole that you find in the wall. That is the nearest opening towards the sewer line.

Step four: feeding the drain auger

Here are a few things that you need to know when you are feeding the auger.

  1. Learn to insert and remove the auger through the drain pipe, a couple of times without feeding the auger deep into the drain. This will help you find the knack of holding the tool, right position to stand and lean and, so on.
  2. Learn where the motor switch, power supply switch and other important keys are. You cannot learn while the auger is in use.
  3. Insert the auger slowly. Smashing it hardly on all sides of the pipeline would result in cracks which would reduce the pressure inside the pipe. When pressure drops, there will be a reduction in the draining speed even when there is no clog. You might have to replace the whole pipeline.
  4. When you feel a resistance, stop pushing the auger. Forcing auger would cause cracks in the area surrounding the clog.
  5. Do not push the clog deep into the drain, by feeding the auger. The aim is to pull the clog out. If you push it deeper, you would end up in a situation where you need more advanced machines like sewer suction machine or wet suction machine.

Step five: removing clog

Start the power auger motor. Move the auger in clockwise direction. Now, switch on the power supply in the tool. Let the auger spin inside the drain for a couple of seconds. Now, switch off the motor and switch it on to run in the opposite direction. Continue this process till you feel no resistance to move the auger deep into the drain.

Now, remove the auger slowly and clean it. Pour a liter of hot water into the drain to remove any pieces of clog stuck inside the drain pipe. It is clearly not a method to use for drain clog prevention. Since the chances of damaging the pipes are higher, you can hire a professional to use the electric auger.

You can also use liquid drain cleaners.

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