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Best Ways to Choose the End of Tenancy Cleaning Services | UnclogADrain.com
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Best Ways to Choose the End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Best Ways to Choose the End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

Moving can be stressful with loads of things to pack, you can be overwhelmed with all of it. Moreover, you will still need to leave the property in the state that you found it. This can be hard especially if you opt for a DIY clean up.

However, nowadays there are companies that can offer you an end of tenancy cleaning service that is guaranteed at please the property owner and getting all your deposit back. The problem is that it can be hard to find one that can meet up to the standards of the proprietor.

Therefore, the best thing to do is do a simple online research on different firms before hiring. You can also ask for recommendations.

It does not matter where you reside, a simple search can help you narrow some firms near you. For instance, an end of tenancy cleaning Manchester keyword can help you find some companies near Manchester, UK.

Nonetheless, here are the best ways to choose an end of tenancy cleaning services in any part of the world.

#1. Check if they have a detailed cleaning checklist

Most end of tenancy cleaning services will claim to provide the best cleaning job, but still fail to understand your needs as well as those of the property owner. Therefore, it is important you check if the said company has a detailed cleaning checklist. This often includes the procedures they use to clean as well as the areas they do clean.

A reputable business in this industry is likely to have a detailed cleaning checklist of the areas and items that they do clean. This way you get to see if they will meet your requirements or not. So you can know if you have a chance of getting back your deposit without any losses.

Therefore, before your hire, make sure the company will satisfy your needs and that of the owner.

#2. Does the company offer end of tenancy cleaning guarantee

A reputable and professional end of tenancy cleaning service should offer some guarantee on the table, in form of financial compensation or a second cleaning if the job was not well done. Professionals will have a 24-hour guarantee, as they know that their services are always outstanding.

Consequently, this is the best time to invite the property owner for the inspection. So that if they are satisfied, you get your deposit back if not you can ask for a free second cleaning.

#3. Find out their criteria of pricing

The quality of the cleaning service is important and a necessity for you to pass your final tenancy inspection. Therefore, make sure you choose a company that offers services based on your property size and the contents within it and not time. This way you can guarantee you get the best price for the service.

If you opt to hire one that services on time, then the areas and items, being cleaned as well as the level of cleaning will likely not meet your standard or that of the property owner.

Also, make sure that the cleaning products as well as tools are provided by the end of tenancy cleaning service. You should also be clear about the tax and transportation charges. Know where they will be charged be it separately or with the total charges. Everything related to the pricing of the service should be clear, to avoid any confusion.

#4. Check if they offer insurance

Always hire an insured end of tenancy cleaning service for the job. This is for your safety, in case anything damages or gets lost. Besides, a reputable business in this sector will make sure they are insured to protect your property as well as their own business reputation.


In conclusion, you can find loads of end of tenancy-cleaning services online. However, you still need to narrow down your searches and the above tips and can help you make a better choice, for the sake of your deposit.

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    Great information provided in this blog on how to choose end of tenancy cleaning services. A very useful guide for tenants. Thank you so much!

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