About Us

We are a family of individuals who are very interested and involved in drain cleaning methodologies. We have years of experience and improvised knowledge about all brands of drain cleaning solutions and methods available in the market and also with professionals.

Our interest in drain unclogging did not start, in a day. It started as small levels of frustrations which occurred every time a drain gets clogged and ruins day-to-day activities. If and when the pipes get damaged with our daily methods of unclogging, repair methods would drain out our little savings. Think of a situation where your kitchen sink is overflowing on a Monday morning. Your kids have to be sent to school. You are already late to your early morning client meeting and you end up blaming each other for dumping stuff into the drain. These frustrations and anger didn’t help us anytime in the past and will not help us even an ounce in the future.

Why did we get into this business? After several years of saving and cost cutting, we bought a considerably big individual duplex house in the suburbs. Things were good for a few months and the first signs of problem started with the bathroom sink. We didn’t know what to do with the clog. Like many of us, we checked with the internet and found a set of odd tips and tricks. Within a few hours, we had tried every trick available on the internet and successfully ended up soaking the bathroom floor, carpets and wooden furniture. Yes, the clog was removed, but at a higher cost. When the second clog appeared in kitchen sink, we were sure that the previous experience would help us solve it within a few seconds. We did unclog the drain after several trial and error methods but, soon found that we could have saved a lot if we had hired a professional instead of trying silly and ineffective methods. Months later, the bathroom was again clogged and this time, we thought we were smart to call the plumber, as the first resort. He told us that our repeated ineffective methods damaged the pipelines and he gave up a fat bill for the whole work.

All these happened because of ineffective information resources. Anyone can start a website and add information about whatever they wish to. You cannot run around believing everything you see online. This is why we started this service, so that no one would end up damaging the pipes, like we did. We do not want another perfect house to crumble because of biased information. Is your drain clogged? Are you not sure which method to try first? Which brand is better and which one is waste of money?

This is where we root into your lives. We are not just information resource. We are a lively growing system for every drain unclogging needs and tips. Starting from a simple shower drain block to a major roof drain clog, this blog has everything to avoid that frustration and anger.What do we do? We have personally tested every method and style of unclogging on each type of clog and pipes. We review each and every brand, without any bias. This helped us learn about each method and each brand and our site will help you find information about every style and type of clog.